Aaron T. Bada

Professional Golf
Fitness Instructor

112 Woodland Ave Suite #1

Somers Point, NJ 08244

Phone: (609) 338-7599

Strength Training

The main objective of the GSF strength-training program is to increase the level of performance and prevent injury.

  • • The #1 injury among male golfers is back pain (53%)
  • • The #1 injury among female golfers is lower back pain (45%)
  • • As many as 63% of amateur golfers reported to suffer from low back pain

Golfers need to be stronger to survive the sport! In fact, it reported that amateur golfers achieve approximately 90% of their peak muscle activity when driving a ball. This degree of muscle activation puts golf right up there with sports like football, hockey, and martial arts for comparable levels of exertion. The only difference being that other athletes placed under such physical demand see strength training as an integral part of their success. Strength training for golf is unique. The Golf Specific Fitness program is one that utilizes certain strength exercises that will be beneficial in developing the muscles that allow the golfer to obtain the correct setup, maintain correct posture, and allow the golfer to swing with power and consistency. A very important benefit of strength training for golf is that it provides the training stimulus to get stronger. Strength is a key component of power. It is power that dictates just how far you can drive the ball. When you combine the components of the GSF program, you have the foundation for huge improvements in your golf game.