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How does Stretching Help The Golfer?

Stretching allows the development and maintenance of optimal joint range of motion. This is important because a smooth swing depends upon the ability of the golfer's joints to move various planes of motion. If there is lack of flexibility in a joint, there is no consistency with the movement. This inconsistency directly effects ball-striking capabilities and leads to a wayward shot pattern.

There are various types of flexibility. The type of flexibility that involves movement is called dynamic flexibility. Dynamic Flexibility should be used prior to any physical activity. Warming up the muscles in a stretching movement will allow the muscles to properly fire and prepare for physical activity. A good dynamic stretching routine prior to teeing off will greatly reduce injury and muscle soreness, allowing the golfer to warm up without having to hit a ton of balls.

Flexibility is by far the most important aspect of the golf swing. Flexibility allows the muscles to work together and easily repeat any movement. This is extremely important for golfers during the average round we make over 90 swings. Flexibility also aids with balance and coordination.

The right combination of flexibility and strength is a term that I like to call flexible strength. Flexible strength is controlled flexibility, which is what all golfers are looking for. The ability to repeat a free uninhibited movement with power is what the GSF system provides for its participants.