Aaron T. Bada

Professional Golf
Fitness Instructor

450 Bay Ave #3

Somers Point, NJ 08244

Phone: (609) 338-7599

Golf Conditioning

The Golf Specific Fitness system is unlike any other golf fitness program available. The GSF Program caters to the professional as well as the amateur looking to improve the way they play and the way they feel.

The GSF Program is designed for the player that wants to perform their best. It is a physical and instructional program that elevates the golfer's playing ability while reducing the possibility of injury.

The GSF Program develops the individual's overall conditioning, strength, flexibility, and balance. Any golfer participating in the GSF Program will increase club head speed, range of swing motion, and improve balance and hand-eye coordination.

The GSF Program Consists Of:

  • • Strength and Resistance Training
  • • Core Training Program
  • • Developing Flexible Strength
  • • Cardiovascular Conditioning
  • • Complete Stretching Programs
  • • Nutritional Assessment