Aaron T. Bada

Professional Golf
Fitness Instructor

450 Bay Ave #3

Somers Point, NJ 08244

Phone: (609) 338-7599

Better Golf through Physical Fitness

While attending the College of Charleston Aaron's primary area of study was in the field of Health Promotion. In addition to a thorough undergraduate grounding in his field, he has gained substantial knowledge through his work experience. Aaron has made it his mission to make golfers aware of how important fitness is to improving their strengths and abilities. He has taken his background as an International Sports Science Association (ISSA) athletic trainer and combined it with golf instruction to form Golf Specific Fitness. During his last two years in college, Aaron was the second assistant at the prestigious Country Club of Charleston. During this period, he worked under Hart Brown who is regarded as one of the most knowledgeable teaching professionals in the South. While at the Country Club of Charleston he focused on Golf Specific Fitness to help his students get stronger and make swing changes easier, and more rapidly.

Golf Specific Fitness incorporates strength and flexibility training, injury prevention and enhances muscle coordination to produce a more consistent and powerful golf swing. The GSF program offers indoor mechanics analysis, golf specific workouts, and assisted stretching programs that will surely get your game in shape year round.